Eating and Body Image Therapy

I work with young adults struggling with
I help give clients the tools to find and create FULFILLING and HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS with themselves and others.


You may be fixated on losing weight by binging, restricting, binging and/or purging. You’re unhappy in your body, no matter how thin you become. You don’t think you’re thin enough to have an issue. You weigh yourself a lot and check your body constantly. Thoughts about food consume your thoughts all day. You’ve been in treatment many times and frustrated because you don’t believe you’ll get better. You’re terrified recovery means loss of control and gaining weight.

ED promises you so many things, but most times doesn’t make you happier.
Recovery actually helps you get closer to your goals, values and dreams.

Recovery is difficult, but possible. Life on the recovery side much more fulfilling.
I’ve supported clients through recovery, healing and beyond. I see and hear you.

I provide guidance and coaching for when you struggle with urges and triggers. I will witness your pain, trauma and resilience.
I will hold hope for you, even if you feel there isn’t any.
I will navigate you through lapses and relapses without shame and help you see the growth and benefit in them.


If you are a chronic dieter or you’ve been in eating disorder recovery for some time AND ready to “ditch the diet,” I can help you transform and you can rock your body and eat without guilt. What would life be like if you could go out and enjoy the moment without worrying about your body and food as much? Recovery from diet culture is difficult, but the journey is worth it.

Learn ways to trust your body so you can enjoy food with flexibility and move in ways that feel joyful.

Make peace with your BODY, FOOD and RELATIONSHIPS.

My work is using your amazing strengths and channeling them towards your values and helping you decide where you need to go.

Anxiety and emotions can suck, which is why you may choose to numb or distract. I will do the work beside you.
I will challenge your thoughts and tell you what I think.
That nasty voice in your head telling you you’re no good, not smart, thin or pretty enough can “shove it!”

You may think you’ll never heal because of how long you’ve been struggling. But I want to hold hope for you for now.
You can move forward and create a

I am intensively trained in Dialectical Behavioral therapy (DBT) and integrate ART and MINDFULNESS in practice. I also use BRAINSPOTTING (a focused mindfulness similar to EMDR) to help you process trauma in a way that talking can’t.

I practice an INTUITIVE EATING approach when appropriate. However, I meet you where you’re at. Call me today 732-784-8707 to see how we can work together to help you live the life you want.

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I integrate CBT and DBT into our work. I particularly like DBT because it can help you learn skills that are particularly effective for bulimia and binge eating. DBT is helpful in helping you regulate intense emotions, gain better self esteem, find your values and improve relationships. I also use Brainspotting, (a therapy similar to EMDR and somatic experiencing) that can help you process trauma.

I integrate Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, CBT and psychodynamic into practice.

DBT Skills Groups
Eating Disorder Support Groups


I invite parents, families and partners of those struggling to come in for updates as needed. I do not do family or couples therapy. Should you need ongoing family work, I can refer you to someone who can provide this.


Call me 732-784-8707 to schedule a free 15 minute chat.

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