Kimberly Kahn, LCSW

The individuals I work with are very smart and motivated in treatment. My clients often have such amazing insight, but struggle putting that insight into recovery.

Becoming a mother, especially when you have a history of trauma or eating disorders is challenging and can be wrought with intense self doubt combined w significant hormonal changes. Whether you are in the pregnancy or post-partum stage, I can support your journey. Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are very common, with approximately 1 in 5 women experiencing pmads. There is hope you will get better. If you find yourself crying a lot, raging at your partner, or feel like you’re losing control, you are not alone. You may have ruminating thoughts about being a bad mom, feel like you can’t bond with your baby, or worry constantly about losing the baby, I want you to know you are a strong mama and the fact you are here means you are a good one too. It’s going to be ok. You may be struggling w a loss of your identity, reactivation of eating disorder symptoms and body image issues or distress about whether to breastfeed or not.

For individuals currently struggling with eating disorders, I will be there with you, see you and listen without judgment. I will never judge when you struggle. I will validate when you tell me you are hopeless, but also hold hope for you. I believe in full recovery, but know it isn’t an easy process. I will support you in your path towards recovery by fully witnessing and providing a space to explore what is holding you back, whether it’s your trauma, self worth.

Neuropsychology has shown you can “rewire” your brain. You can ride the wave of strong urges and emotions and learn to react less intensively. Now I can’t guarantee it will NEVER be an issue. Hey, we’re all human and life is a rollercoaster of emotions. We can’t get rid of emotions, nor do we want to! It’s what makes us human! Anyone can benefit from learning ways to better regulate emotions.

For individuals ready to move towards intuitive eating and body acceptance, I can help you improve your relationship to food and your body so you can respect and nourish the body you are meant to be in. What would life look like if you could have more peace with food and body image?

I’m a licensed clinical social worker and intensively trained DBT therapist in Red Bank, New Jersey with 10 years of clinical practice. I graduated with a masters degree from Wurzweiler School of Social Work in 2010 and obtained a post-master’s certificate in advanced clinical practice from NYU in 2013. I worked with adults at Mount Sinai St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York City on both the inpatient unit and outpatient setting for five years. I worked with at-risk adolescents in New York Public School. Prior to clinical practice, I worked in non-profit management where I coordinated fundraising events. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, yoga, dancing to zumba and traveling. I enjoy painting and graphic design when inspired. I have a passion for traveling and culture and visited many countries, including Romania, Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Egypt, Cambodia, Bali and Costa Rica.


  • PSI Postpartum Support International Certificate of Completion Course, 2020
  • PSI Postpartum Support International Advanced Psychotherapy Course, 2020
  • Brainspotting Phase 1 training, 2019
  • Brainspotting Phase 2 training, 2020
  • year-long DBT Intensive Training through Behaviorial Tech, 2019
  • Weekly DBT consultation team peer support through Behaviorial Tech
  • DBT Skills: Behavioral Tech, 2018
  • Post-master’s certificate in advanced clinical practice from NYU-completed 2013.
  • Motivational Interviewing Training of the Trainer-completed and co-facilitated in 2010-2014